Karnataka vs Kerala


I have lived the bulk of my life in Kerala, but I have spent the last three years of my life in Karnataka. Both states have a lot in common. Blessed by nature with greenery, plenty of water and frequent fights with TN over water! 😛

But the biggest similarity is with the politicians..

In Kerela there is a father son duo who are hated more than liked; Karnatak too possess one.

In Kerala, the father is known by the name of Leader among his followers, but the common man in the state know him by the name of K Karunakaran. He has a good for nothing son called K Muralidharan.

Getting to Karnataka… The father is known by the name of ex-prime minister but the people here call him Deva Gowda.

He too has a son with great political ambitions and his name is HD Kumaraswamy.

What else do Karunakaran and Gowda have in common?

Here goes

Both wanted to become PM of India (Karunakaran didn’t make it.. Gowda did )

Both of them have ruled a state as CM (Karunakaran managed it thrice)

Both managed to split the party (Karunakaran initiated the spilt and formed DIC(K) 😀 Gowda lead the party after the spit)

Both used to be a part of Congress once upon a time!

Gowda was blamed for poor show of JD(S) in the recent election. tie up with Karunakaran’s (party) DIC(K) was blamed for the failure of Cong in the past election!

Both of them are ‘popular’ for heir ability to topple governments

Karunakaran is now sidelined and his word is given no priority… If Gowda continues with his antics I will have one more similarity to add to the list!

PS: On a lighter note.. I dont know who gave the great idea to call a political party DIC(K).. it stands for Democratic Indira Congress(Karunakaran)! But I guess the politicians behind didn’t think much about the acronym and it’s meanings!

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  1. | Balu | Avatar


    ha ha ha.. the second one was ultimate! 😀

  2. Xylene Avatar

    Read this piece in rediff which suggest that Buddist connection b.w Sabarimala and tibetians.
    This suggest that Ayyappa was a buddhist.
    You can delete this comment.

  3. Xylene Avatar

    I posted this comment here coz I read ur comment at nita’s post. So just for ur info..
    Delete this too.

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    ya i guessed that.. by the way, do you think he was a budhist? I somehow dont!

  5. ish Avatar

    DIC(K) LOL, I didn’t read it properly till the last line where you mentioned it. Looks like the same happened when they were forming the party.

  6. dinsan Avatar

    good one buddy !!! Karunakaran is back in Congress leaving his Son with his own party… what about our HDD ?

  7. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Dinsan

    Karunakaran too old he’s lost it now!
    As far as HD and his son goes.. they act as if they are on two different boats in the daylight!

  8. | Balu | Avatar

    @ ish
    See kerala doesnt have 100 lietarcy it just has 92% or something.. politicians come in the 8% so can’t blame them actually!

  9. Vijay Avatar

    @Balu.. with a name like DIC(K) no wonder he went back.. Gowda might start a party called Gowda-AND-U 😉

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