Happy Republic Day

I used to hate going to school on Republic Day, not that I wanted to sleep, but because I wanted to see India display it’s military might. I used to love the tanks, missiles, the smart army officers, their coordination and yes the sight of national flag flying high and proud!

I couldn’t catch up on the telecast this year (sad) .. But thanks to the Internet I got to see a few pictures from this year’s celebration.

Photo credit: Shailendra Pandey

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  1. Ruhi Avatar

    I used to hate going to school on 1/26 too 😀 Was highly boring. All the best with the Mutiny bit. Nice pictures!

  2. | Balu | Avatar

    LOL.. i get the boring part! THe photos well I guess the person who too the pics is also a press person!

  3. benstinga Avatar

    Wow, that’s an impressive military display.
    I think Australia might only have a couple of tanks, so a parade such as this would be over in less than a minute if we were to have one.
    Both our countries celebrate our national days on Jan 26 but in quite different ways.
    I long for the day when we have our own national flag without the symbol of Britain in the top left hand corner.
    India’s flag is instantly recognised all over the world.
    Ours looks like New Zealand’s.

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    Hey Ben thanks for dropping by.. abt Aussie republic day coinciding with India’s.. I knew abt that thanks to the the special quiz we used to have in our school on the day.. the question came every year!

    Thanks abt the flag and abt military.. your country doesn’t need such a huge army. After all u r an island continent which has no threat from it’s neighbours unlike us! Every country around us wants a piece of our land! sigh!

  5. Ruhi Avatar

    is that you in the header image? 🙂 Looks very cool..

  6. | Balu | Avatar

    yesh thanks but am not sure if I hould keep ths.. planning to revert to the old one!

  7. baruk Avatar

    i used to love tje displays too!

    but then, isn’t it a little scary that we spend more on weapons than on anything else?

  8. | Balu | Avatar

    Hmm i too dream of a day when we wont spend so much on ‘defense’. If only Pakistan and China were tamer countries!

  9. baruk Avatar

    uhuh. till then, republic day is going to be ‘mine-is-as-big-as-yours day’!

  10. | Balu | Avatar

    he he ya i guess…
    ‘mine-is-as-big-as-yours day’ SMALL CORRECTION
    mineis-bigger-than-urs day!

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