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The squad is out ehmm in!

A bunch of Bangalore kids has been a cause of migraine for babus at Bangalore. These kids wrote on Bangalore and its crumbling infrastructure, on disregard towards their health among youth, and also on many other lighter issues that mattered to these college students. The bunch, nicknamed Mirror Squad started writing for Bangalore Mirror not…Continue readingThe squad is out ehmm in!

chupchap Designing

Blog, get blogged

Did I ever mention that I design stuff when bored?? I think never did.. So what have I designed latest? A few badges for Blogathon India. What is Blogathon India? It is a blogathon event being organised by BlogaLoreans on a national level. What is a Blogathon? A blogathon is an event in which bloggers…Continue readingBlog, get blogged

chupchap Religion

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!

Don’t believe in Valentine’s day? I don’t either.. So what am I planning to do? Burning shops – negative. Disturb those poor couples who happen to believe in the tradition – Double negative! I am planning to spend some time with someone I love on a different day, let’s say Feb 13 the day before…Continue readingI don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!


My blog has given birth!!!

Okay my little blog (the one you are reading of course) has given birth to a blog — Little-chap! Now if you are going to ask me if the kid is a boy or a girl here is a fact.. blogs are asexual! They are created by gods (people like you and me) and adopted…Continue readingMy blog has given birth!!!


India’s security compromised?

This post is a continuation of the thought presented by Chacko on the post India’s Internet security at Mutiny. Why do terrorist attack or at least make plans to attack Mumbai so often? May be because Mumbai is the financial capital of our country! The extremists are under the impression that a bomb can pause…Continue readingIndia’s security compromised?