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D-day chronicles: 2 – I screamed and screamed

Most of friends went to the dentist for the first time to get rid of the their milk tooth and blah, however I owe my first visit to the dentist to a minor cavity. It happened as follows :_ ( I came back after a regular day at school, which involved missing my school van…Continue readingD-day chronicles: 2 – I screamed and screamed

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D-Day chronicles

D-Day stands for Dentist’s Days, the rotten days when I had to visit dentist. It a series much like GTA. check out what this guy’s experience with dentists Dentists and me never see eye to eye. My first visit to the dentist was when I was 4 years old. Yes that’s when I had my…Continue readingD-Day chronicles

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Maid in Bangalore

Yesterday He: My maid hasn’t come for like ten days now! She: Mine too. I have a ton of clothes to wash He: Oh I have a washing machine, so washing is taken care of. I just hate washing dishes and I have to do it these days. That sucks! She: Hmm I can understand,…Continue readingMaid in Bangalore