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For the past five minutes I have been staring at this “Post” box in Worpress admin page? Why so, you may ask. “I am suffering from the rather notorious writer’s bock,” I would say. I have been trying to write a new post for the past one week, but in vain. So today I decided to make a post on writers block itself. Looks like that’s not gonna happen either!

The words just refuse to get out of my frikkin head and get on to my blog. Why? Why so? I have no idea. My desperation to get out of this condition drove me to the extremes. It made me do the most insane things like I buying a book and actually reading it within a week :-0 . Not that It helped, but yeah I tried!

I even tried these steps which were supposed to help me get out of writer’s block. The result? I made a fool out of myself (Imagine a 21-year-old holding a cigarette in one hand and speaking to a stuffed toy.. yes you get the idea?)

Then I lay down in the dumps reading all those posts people from around the world had made, in my Google reader. That definitely didn’t help. Till then I thought I was in the dumps golly I was wrong! At that moment I realized what being “down in the dumps” is like. I stopped reading other blogs, stopped commenting on blogs, almost stopped twittering and even started a tumblr blog.

It was at that time my good all buddy, who you might know as google pointed me to this site

Sounds encouraging heh. I thought it would be as simple as packing my stuff boarding my bus, and travelling to the next block in the city. Whoops!!! I know that’s a bad joke, (pathetic you might say) buy you can pardon me for that can’t you? After all I am suffering from writer’s block. There is an unwritten rule that those suffering from this condition is allowed to write any crap 😀

Anyway back to the website I visited the site, it was made by the most unimaginative web designer. The page stretched on for miles as I scrolled and scrolled and I read and read. Digesting every piece of information on the page. Just when I thought I was going to get something useful out of this site. I hit a yellow box


I do actually have a limited-time offer for you, but that’s so my partners will have something cool to offer you that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you buy here today, you’ll be able to get How To Beat Writer’s Block (And Have FUN Writing From Now On) for the debut price of $59.95.

PLUS all four downloadable Holly Lisle’s Writing Clinics:

  • (Create A Character Clinic,
  • Create A Plot Clinic,
  • Create A Language Clinic,
  • and Create A Culture Clinic)

…for $19.95—regular price on the clinics is $39.80, a savings of $19.80.

About 50% off.

The clinics will help you write more, write deeper and richer, generate a ton of new ideas, and keep everything organized, too. I’ve never offered them for such a low price (essentially buy two, get two free), and this offer is just for a few days.

Plus you’ll get your free copy of CRITICAL SKILLS SERIES #1–How To Get Yourself Writing When Your Life Has Just Exploded, regularly priced at $9.95.

That was the WTF moment of the day! She was trying to sell me a book on the subject not actually give me any gyan for free. Boo hoo!

After reading that mile long web page the writer’s block was definitely gone. I could feel it, my head felt lighter, I was smiling and yes most importantly my fingers were dancing on the keyboard.. Woo hoo am back am back.

It had jumped into the guy sitting in the next cubicle I suppose, anyway it was gone, for good! But in in the void left by writer’s block, a terrible shadow had crept in. A shadow of Lord of the Rings proportions. It pounded my head like Orcs in World of Warcraft do. The pain was killing me, but I managed to cling on somehow. I could still feel the pain. I popped in a Crocin (I always have one at my bidding he he ) and said alvida to the pain which you might know as the head ache.

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Great, so the block fever hit you too! 🙁
This is turning out to be a epidemic, dude… But glad to see you got over it. WTF moments are often like that – they cure blocks instantly… Maybe you should collate all the WTF moments in the internet and open a big yellow box on your sidebar, advertise your blog as a cure for writers’ block and make some money! 😀

It happens to the best of us – and then zap- you get hit by a thunderbolt- and the inspiring thoughts just keep flowing !

Buddy , remember, you gotta take the rough with the smooth
and make the most of it while you’re at it !

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