So what if…

Recently Supreme Court ruled that bloggers will be held responsible for any content on his blog,including comments which are many a times posted by anonymous bloggers.

Most bloggers think its a restriction of freedom of speech, but I don’t think its freedom of speech we should be worried about. What if someone has to frame any blogger? All he has to do is post an anonymous comment, then send a PIL to court. What then? Wouldn’t it be abuse of our legal system? What about anonymous blogs? Will Indian government follow the Chinese path of compiling online identities of all its citizens?

Gee scary thoughts! I am getting bad dreams about this. Did someone imprison Sandman again?

5 responses to “So what if…”
  1. Prax Avatar

    well though the govt loves regulations , this im sure, will be selectively implemented , especially in case of libel and defamation of politicians
    but this issue is indeed worrying…

  2. xylene Avatar

    well all their regulations would be in vain, as netizens would find a way out.

    And one another thing would be the implementation part. Regulations are fine, the laws are fine, when was the last time all this was enforced.

    We are safe. 🙂

  3. Nikhil Avatar

    Sounds like every time we need to post something, we need to file an RTI application! 😀 😀
    That’d be so cool, actually! 😀

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    Hmm selective implementation sounds scary!

    One way to go about it would be password protected posts! and only regular readers+rss subscribers would have access

  5. | Balu | Avatar

    RTIs are awesome ya.. you have no idea how many “breaking stories” are a result of RTIs!

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