Look towards our west.. what do you see?


I see a #fail sign to the west of our border. Why? Let’s look at a few headlines shall we?

Taliban Close In On Islamabad

Taliban captures new areas in NWFP

Punjab militants link with Taliban as Pakistan backs Sharia law

Taliban begin enforcing Islamic law in Bajaur

Mehsud has links with ISI: report

‘Cornered’ Pak gets uppity over ‘intrusive’ US conditions in new AFPAK policy

‘Getting ISI to end support to militants difficult’

‘Terror plotters’ were allowed to stay in UK despite visa breaches

If you thought India was a screwed up country (considering the way our politicians run it.. or don’t run it) look towards the west to feel good. But oh no don’t get too comfy now. Taliban are knocking on our doors.. what do we do? All out war against a bunch of radical idiots is not a solution. They got nuclear weapons dammit and they don’t give two hoots about diplomacy or after-effects. If they want to do something they will.. I am a angry young man these days. Not the Amitabh Bachchan kinda angry, more like hmm I have no one, or nothing to compare myself to. But I can tell you that I am not angry at anyone else but me, I am angry that I can’t think of a logical solution to the whole issue. How can I blame politicians when I myself don’t have any suggestion for them? The only suggestion I thought of involved scooping out the troublesome region and dumping it on Mars. It’s not our problem then, the martians will take care of them.

So is it time to officially declare Pakistan a failed state? Are we being judgmental? Are we generalising Pakistan based on the actions of a few extremists? Is there a solution for Pakistan?

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  1. Guru Panguji Avatar

    @chupchap: First off, I appreciate that you follow the “practice what you preach”. Politicians are our representatives so they should shout out what we whisper to them. They are nothing but loud-speakers of who we are. The sad part is hence we, as citizens of India have failed.

    However, that said, we also “elect” the people in whom we have trust. It is almost like outsourcing the service of running the country to them, considering that we have other “job-related” stuff to take care off to ensure that the economy is running well.

    It is strange but reading about Europe has always made me wonder – People who fought against each other for hundreds and thousands of years suddenly realized that war was *not* the answer and decided to form a union that has made them globally competitive. USA is the hegemon of the world because of its people.

    I had the Minister of Finance, Trade and Sports of Luxembourg speak to me in class today. We were asking him as to how people of such varied and proud nation states of the likes of France, Spain, Germany have come together to form such a functioning union. He said that there is trouble from many things and there are such varied opinions that the union is still not cohesive as much as they would like. However, he said that it is all worth it, just to reduce the chances of war breaking out!

    We will realize it someday soon brother!!

  2. purnima Avatar

    Ah perhaps I misread but are you really being fair to pakistan or fair in general. Is it good to look at other people’s ‘failures’ and feel good? I’m sure loads of people in Pakistan give a crap about poltics just like the rest of the world. I always get a little frightened when I read harsh statements let it be from Pakistani or Indian site. Isn’t this like completing the coloniall legacy of divide et empera? I’m rooting for a South Asian Federation or something where economics are more important than politics!

  3. xylene Avatar

    Taliban is like 100 kms from the nukes. I wonder what is Pakistan waiting for? waiting for Taliban to knock on their doors? (Which they have already done)
    Yesterday in the news a Taliban spokesman said “We welcome Osama to Taliban Occupied Pakistan (TOP)” As if he is not there already.

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    I didn’t mean it a divisive way, it’s just that most Indians feel so. We all know we are better-off than Pakistan. Again it’s not because Pakistanis don’t care about politics it’s because the people whom they elect to power haven’t done anything significant. The Taliban which is a threat to them now was a pet of Pak army and ISI and their politicians did nothign about it. It was during Zia’s time religious extremism took root in Pakistan and since then no one — except Mushraff to some extant — has tried to do anything about it. I wish they were much better off because political differences can be sorted out diplomatically but when it comes to things which are totally out of state control there is no way India can be at peace.

    Pak can’t do anything Taliban has a good support in many Pak cities. Yeah have to admit the do have a sense of humour. May be they said we are kidding and it was sensored =D

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