The problem with Google Wave

The problem with Google Wave
No one seems to want to use Google Wave for any serious work. Like collaboration for example.
Most of the waves I have been part of till now were more or less ‘tutorials’ or ‘this is awesome’ kind. Now that the novelty value has worn off, not more new waves in my inbox. That’s just sad!
Meanwhile my contact list in Wave is getting longer by the day. I wish there was a better method to see more contacts without having to scroll down so much. Is there any way to deactivate those profile pics?

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I agree. Google wave's full potential would be reached only when you can use it for your daily work in an enterprise setting or even for your own personal work. It's more of a collaboration tool than a communication tool =|

Not a problem with wave as such.. Its just that people have not started using it properly. I won't be able to even use wave properly after I get an invite as I won't have enough people in my contact list. I guess we just have to wait for mass adoption.

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