The real problem in Bahrain

In college we were taught this ‘Reinforcement Theory‘ it seemed all silly back then but I had an OMG moment when I saw it played out in front of my eyes in Bahrain.

The theory went on the lines of people believing what they want to believe in and acting as if there was nothing more to it. Pfft selective exposure in the age of new media, ya right!

Well turns out, I was partially blinded by this toxic cocktail of ignorance and arrogance. The bigger issue seems to be selective perception. This issue is not restricted to Bahrain alone where localites seemed to be so sectarian in their mindset that it’s just unhealthy for such a small place. Selective perception is a problem in India as well, but I’ll come back to that on a separate post, may be. The issue I face is in Bahrain, a place I now live in and work at.

The first time I noticed this theory in practice was when the protests started in February. Being an avid twitter user (at that point) I watched tweet tweet after Bahrainis who were convinced that only one side could be right. I thought education would make more people (if not all people) think rationally, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Over here hardcore Sunnis hate Shias and hardcore Shias hate Sunnis, period. I don’t have a problem with people hating people, the problem gets serious when extremists outnumber moderates.

Extremists don’t see logic even if it is presented in front of their eyes is as many  mediums as possible. Both the sides are so intent on rewriting history that they have forgotten the point altogether.

The first thing people here need to do is to admit when you screw up or admit their weaknesses. As of now everyone thinks they are perfect and ignoring the views of others is the best way to take things forward. How can people be so blind? Whatever happened to the middle path? Is extremism the way Arabs solve their issues?

I was so irritated by the garbage that was thrown around on twitter that I almost stopped tweeting. I don’t feel like it because I run into a tweet with sectarian undertones some time or the other no matter how many people I block. AND I HATE IT. These days I poke my head in and head out.

Sometimes selective exposure is a blessing 🙂

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  1. Dawn Avatar

    Thank you for hitting the nail on the head.

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