My year that was

2016 was a terrible year by most standards, but personally it was a mixed bag.

The divorce process that had been dragging on since the end of last year, finally came to an end. A mixed bag of emotions overall. Ever since the end of that long and once great relationship, I craved stability. I was able to find it within a year and for that I’m grateful to the powers that be.

It is strange how we are as human beings. In our teen years and early 20s we constantly yearn for something new and that is reflected in our relationships as well. As I inch closer to 30 (months away now), all I want is to live in my comfort zone along with someone I can share that moment with in silence. This I hope, is a sign that I’m getting older and not one of me being old (I hope I hope).

My resolutions this year were to learn a bit coding and save some money. I have succeeded some what on both fronts, though there is a long long way to go. The challenge will be to continue doing all the good things I have been doing around these two points for the rest of my life.

I don’t have any clarity on the goals that I should set for myself in the coming year. I plan to shift to Mumbai, but that’s not a goal. That’s a decision I made a few months back related to the comfort zone I was talking about a few paras above. May be instead of focusing on skills like I did last year, I should focus on my personality. I have always been friendly, but I don’t think I have always been a great friend. May be I should focus on that.

I don’t know, I seem lost for words. Thankfully I… am not lost. That’s a good place to be at the end of 2016 for me.

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