Learning goals for the Q4 2020

This year’s been a blur! I completed a couple of Salesforce certifications, but it took way more time that it should have. 

Here are the learning goals I have set for myself for this coming quarter.

Platform app builder

This one is easy as I have done the learning part and revision. All I need is the voucher and I can go take this up. It is still important though, since it’ll help kickstart my Salesforce architect path. 

Even though I have done a lot of solutioning for processes that need to be built on the platform, the certification can actually prove to the universe that I know what I know. Without it the first few weeks or days are spent in proving my worth, which is really tiring.

Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer

In Salesforce ecosystem you need a bunch of certifications and you get an Application Architect certificate. Sharing and Visibility designer is one of those, along with Data Architecture and Management Designer, Platform App Builder (mentioned above) and Platform Developer I.

Sharing one and Data architect one are going to be tricky as we are really going into depths of knowledge here, but I honestly believe I can clear these if I focus my mind and get down to it.

Platform Developer I is something that scares me a bit as I have never tried to write APEX, though I can read the code and make sense of it.

Javascript Basics

I have been working with developers using Javascript for ages, but never made an effort to learn it. That is on me. That said, now feels like a great time to correct that mistake. I’ve enrolled in a Udemy course and hopefully I’ll at least know the basics by the end of it.

Practical knowledge would take more time and I’m yet to chart out a roadmap for that as yet. I’ll take it up in Q1 2021 I think.

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