Balanced diet

I have a weird relationship with food. I love it, but the food I love does not do great things for my body.

This means once a year I end up doing something about my health. It’s either a new fitness regime or a diet to reduce the circumference of my stomach.

I had tried keto last year and it was great! I gained back all seven kilos I lost within a year though.

This time around I opted for a low carb diet for 14 days and it has been good till now. Thanks Food darzee. My double chin has reduced and my stomach doesn’t feel constantly bloated. Weight loss has been minimal, but the feel of it is more important than what a machine tells me.

The plan forward, is for us to start a healthy diet that is practical. The problem with a practical diet is that it runs into practical problems such as an erratic and slightly demanding work schedule and complete lack of will to work in the kitchen. This time around, I think we have considered all of these.

Hopefully in six months, we’ll be fitter as a result.

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