Olx vs Facebook Marketplace: A subjective review

It’s a dilemma. We live in Mumbai sized house. It’s small, but very comfortable for Ag and me, with a beautiful view of the Arabian sea. This means that any new furniture purchase has to displace something else of equal or more volume. It’s Archimedes’ principle at play. The sequence of events that followed was…Continue readingOlx vs Facebook Marketplace: A subjective review

chupchap Top of mind


How many projects have you started in the last two years and let idle? For me the list includes a book, a hobby, a website, a DIY course among others. I’m now wondering what I should do about them. The book is something I want to pick back up and continue on, the others I…Continue readingAbandonware


Words I hate

There are some words we use that I really do not likeContinue readingWords I hate


What I read Oct 18

Electric vehicle adoption is increasing around the world, but there is still no standardisation over the charging port. Mobile industry went through a similar phase, till Europe dictated that all phones shift with a USB charger. The same has not happened as yet to EVs leading to a situation like this in US. Indian govt…Continue readingWhat I read Oct 18


Who is in charge of that data point?

When setting up a CRM like Salesforce, we often talk about what data points or fields are required, in what context they will be used and who needs it. However, we rarely talk about data sanity, data hygiene and who is in charge of maintaining it over a long term. When setting up a CRM…Continue readingWho is in charge of that data point?