Exam anxiety

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I hate exams. I use the word hate sparingly, but I think here it is appropriate. It gives me such a sense of dread; even when it is an exam I’m confident in. For context, I had written earlier about my learning goals and the architect path I want to get started on etc.

I’m taking up the first exam from the planned list (Platform App Builder) later this week . It has a lot of overlap with Salesforce Administrator certificate that I already have, but it has more to do with creating with configuration and solutioning as opposed to maintaining something already built. After going through the course material I’m feeling pretty confident, but I can never feel at ease till I’m done with it.

I had a very restless sleep last night due to this, so I’ll spend some quality time going through all the exam areas again today. Hopefully that’ll put my mind at ease a little. Hopefully.

I went through the same anxiety cycle for the last two exams I gave during the lockdown. Even with regularity I’m not able to shake off this tension. The world being what it is, is not helping either. Wish me luck! Exam is at the end of this week.

Image credit: Sašo Goričar

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