Morning walk bootcamp


It’s a glorious hazy morning!

Wake up. No, really wake up. Great!

Do that seven minute workout thingy and yes, struggle with pushups as always.

Have that salted lemon juice; it’s good; okay needs a bit more salt!

Get walking. Dodge those aerial attacks by crows and those deadly mines freshly planted by dogs.

You won’t be able to dodge the stench of freshly brewed garbage spilling on to the footpath. Tough luck.

Oh now you’re almost following the garbage truck. Luck gets tougher.

Beware the uncles huffing and puffing ahead of you without wearing a mask. Time to cross the road.

Oh wait, this is the pissing side of the road. I guess we should walk back.

Band buzzes to alert 2km milestone, but we haven’t walked that much. Weird, but thanks I guess?

Back at the building; I guess we should climb up the summit.

With pulse pulsating and tires tiring, make it to the top.

Marinate hands with some strawberry sanitisers, scrub your foot, off the mask and take a long deep breath.

Fresh air, finally!

Image credit: Sašo Goričar

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