What I read Oct 18

Electric vehicle adoption is increasing around the world, but there is still no standardisation over the charging port. Mobile industry went through a similar phase, till Europe dictated that all phones shift with a USB charger.

The same has not happened as yet to EVs leading to a situation like this in US. Indian govt has separated the vehicle from the battery, but is yet to arrive at a common standard that all companies have to comply with.

Multiplayer games that become popular all follow a trend. When MMOs were popular, every game developer was churning them out. Then as e-sports took off it was the turn of team-based combat games like Counter Strike and MOBA games like League of legends.

Somewhere in the process game developers realised that repetitive gameplay requires new coast of paint to keep user’s attention. So was born nickel and diming player and weapon customisations in combat games. So we have a lot of those now. After this the steady rise of PUBG lead to many other games following the same style.

Now Among Us is shooting up in popularity and I think we’ll be seeing more games with this style in a month or so. I mean witch hunts are pretty popular right?

There is another gaming trend that you should not miss. It is about the increasing number of female protagonists in video games.

In Japan, there is an extreme degree of importance paid to detail and in terms of business processes we know this as Kaizen. For the same reason I really like Japanese stationary as they all seem to be purpose built as opposed to meet the basic requirements.

So when I read about Japanese tableware for using and serving butter I was mind blown!

This whole country of origin labelling is a big mess and I’m not sure how e-commerce sites, especially marketplaces, will ensure the details are correct. Some of the products do have correct labelling and that’s how I realised that the company behind Realme brand also manufactures Mi fitness trackers.

My blue-chip mutual fund investments are doing very well, but this news about the growing influence of tech companies on the stock market is bad news.

If and when tech companies are impacted it’ll take the whole market down with it.

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