Covid 19 vaccine thoughts

So vaccines exist for Covid-19 finally and this is going to change the behaviour of the world for the next few years

  1. Vaccines have been tested for a short-term only and long-term side effects are not known. The resulting changes in different demographics is something we need to be alert about.
  2. International travel will not return to normal. Countries will insist that passengers travelling there use a certain brand of vaccine which they deem more reliable. How do we even prove that we have taken all the required vaccine shots? What will be the side effect of taking multiple vaccines?
  3. Side effect of travel complications is that education sector will not be same again. How many universities and colleges are considering offering e-degrees as the future especially at an international level? Distance education can take off for higher education in the long-term at MOOCs scale.
  4. I’m waiting for dating apps to include Covid vaccine verified check. Would people want to meet others that are not vaccinated?
  5. A lot of cash has been pooled in investments over the year what is going to happen to them? Personally, almost all of my investments are long-term so I’m curious than worried.

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