Help me find the phone of my dreams

I am very picky with the requirements for a phone, so please help me!

Some background: My Asus Zenfone 6 (Asus 6Z in India) has been acting a bit funny and the only fix would be a replacement of its board which nearly be the cost of the phone itself. So I started looking for my possible next phone, while I continue to use my older Nokia 7 Plus.

This brings me to my insatiable requirements:

Hardware specs
  1. 8xx series Qualcomm processor.
  2. Have 3.5mm jack.
  3. Must have a wide-angle camera.
  4. Pop-up camera preferred for front-facing lens.
  5. 6-8GB RAM minimum.
  6. 64GB storage minimum.
  7. Expandable storage optional.
  8. OIS.
Software specs
  1. Run latest version of Android.
  2. Should be from a company that updates its phones for at least two years.
  3. Must support Gcam mod without modding.
  4. Should not be loaded with ads. If it is, then there should be an option to deactivate it as well.
  5. Preferably stock Android.
Other requirements
  1. Must have service centres in major Indian cities.
  2. Model should not be more than a year old.
Things I do not want my phone to do
  1. Force me to use bluetooth or a dongle for audio.
  2. Have garbage camera quality.
  3. Not be iOS (it’s very good, I’m more comfortable with Android).

Do you know of any device that meets my needs?

Device recommendations received till now

  1. iPhone: from Pranav, because he preaches, but no reads. 😛
  2. Pixel 4a: from Siladitya. The lack of a wide-angle makes this a non-option for now.
  3. Pixel 5: from Guru. Not available in India unfortunately.
  4. OnePlus 7T: from Siladitya. Older than a year so avoiding it since there is no way they’ll push updates for three years since release.
  5. Moto Edge Plus: from Hitesh. Considering it now, but they have a very bad history with software updates, which gives me pause.
  6. IQOO 7: from Raju. Checks almost all boxes and considering it.
  7. OnePlus 8: from Deep. Checks almost all boxes and considering it.
  8. Vivo x50 Pro: from Mridll. Still thinking over it since their current skin is very heavy for my liking.

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