What I’m reading on the Salesforce front


Sandboxes are difficult to maintain purely from a project standpoint. So how does Salesforce manage and create sandboxes for something that needs to work at scale like Datorama? It’s a very fascinating read and there are takeaways even if you will never be on the product side of Salesforce.

Salesforce backup service is apparently back from the dead. This was a matter of time because there are several customers that have stated this as a mandatory requirement when signing up with Salesforce. What’s more surprising is that they might be launching a full-fledged backup service soon that’ll have a quicker turn around time. Yet another partner product will not be part of the core offering.

Permissions once given out is ridiculously difficult to take back. Which is why it’s very important to start with profiles that offer the least amount of privileges when getting started. Easier said than done you say? So here’s how you can actually do it.

Vlocity acquisition will go down as one of the most significant acquisitions of Salesforce on the core CRM front because of the amount of features it adds out of the box with OmniStudio and OmniScript, which feels like Flows on steroids. If you’re not aware of the capabilities that Vlocity offers, you must read this.

PS: On a completely unrelated note Steven Sinofsky, former head of Windows division of Microsoft has a new Substack with very interesting chapters on the history of the company.

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