Moral of the story

As a kid I used to love reading stories and my mother ensured that there were always enough books around for me. However, she also insisted that I always have a take away from every story. A moral. This worked well since most children’s stories were around explaining what is right and wrong anyway.

Flipping through a magic story book

While I hated this side as a child, as an adult I can appreciated this action and what it did to help me orient my thinking.

That said, I think it is time for some role reversal. I genuinly feel most of the older folks in India are in much higher need of morals than ever before. Seeing the same generation now, spreading rubbish on social media and nodding away as TV achors spew hate is so disheartening and saddening.

The only trouble is how does one get folks to accept that their morals are whack and that they need to go through this?

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