Things I Wish Salesforce Flow Could Do

If you use Salesforce Flows a lot as I do, you would have run into scenarios that require not-so-optimal workarounds to manage exceptions or to achieve results. This post is a collection of some of those scenarios that I wish the team behind Flows at Salesforce would address sooner or later.

Simpler de-duplication check (Life saver)

Salesforce has a way to define duplication and matching rules. Unfortunately, there is no way to lean on this within a flow. An option to drag and drop the ‘Suggested Duplicated’ component into a flow screen or a standard duplication apex action that leverages the duplication rules would be amazing.

This would help avoid the need for another query, decision box and additional screens to manage duplication scenarios.

Better way to check validations

It would be amazing if the flow could show the validation rules that would be affected by the values entered by a user in a flow natively. As of now the best option available is to replicate some of those validation checks within the flow as well. This adds a significant overhead for admins when a validation needs to be updated.

Working with tables

This is not an easy problem to solve because the expectations from this component vary so much based on the checks that need to be added, to the actions that need to be performed from it. However, having a basic table UI to display a list of records with pagination with an option to store selected values in a collection would be a good place to start. Oh also, it needs to turn into cards when accessed from mobile screens. Oh and… Okay I should stop, because else this list will never end. 🙂

Criteria based login flow (Good to have)

As of now the login flows are profile specific. What if we could have more criteria added to decide which login flow needs to be displayed to a user? As of now, I need to have a master flow within which to add this logic, but then the flow components would add on to the 2,000 flow components limit.

There are a lot more items on my wishlist, but the amazing folks over at unofficialsf have done an incredible job of providing solutions for many of them. If you have not checked them out as yet, highly recommend that you do.

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