Sydney Sighting

A street in Sydney city

It’s been close to two months now and we are still in an explorative phase in Sydney. This means we are still visiting new areas every week for some work or the other and discovering more about the suburb we live in.

That said there are a few common thoughts that we inevitably have when we visit a new suburb.

Oh what a quaint neighbourhood.

Where are all the people?
Why don’t we see any light in any of the homes?

So many cars parked on the street so obviously people live here. Oh, it’s all paid parking?

I wonder what the rents are here?

Such pretty townhouses right?

It’s so quite here; too quiet actually.

Would we end up talking to more people if we lived in such a neighbourhood?

These questions don’t rise from self doubt about the choices made, but a sense of curiosity which has not subsided as yet. At the end of the day we are happy to travel back to our home and suburb, and in a way that is all that matters.

I wonder which new suburb we will visit this week to repeat these thoughts all over again.

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