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  • Where is the RSS feed revival?

    Where is the RSS feed revival?

    The first fediverse was built on RSS feeds

  • Some thoughts on spam

    Some thoughts on spam

    Everything free will be abused.

  • This Is Just Crazy Texas!

    This Is Just Crazy Texas!

    The latest court case around first amendment in Texas is changing everything we know about Internet and governance. While countries like India mandate social media sites to moderate content, the latest ruling enforces a law which expects larger social media sites to NOT moderate any content. I have no idea how this will lead to…

  • I Have A Listicle of Thoughts For You

    I Have A Listicle of Thoughts For You

    Are listicles still a thing? Either way, I love it like I hate it. Here are a few things I read that made me think this week. Searching for search Am I the only one who misses a good ol’ search for blogs? Turns out I was not. What I thought was a me problem…

  • Thoughts on ending WFH

    Thoughts on ending WFH

    IT companies are gradually re-opening offices and working towards getting everyone to be on site. After the last three years I’m not sure how that process will work out for a lot of my colleagues who have packed up and shifted away from cities for a healthier life during this never ending lockdown. In my…