• I wrote this about AI interactions six years ago https://jetpack.in/when-a-bot-screws-up-1cd50eca3729

    I believe we are very close to this reality.

  • Created a new post type for Status updates. Easier to manage that way and provides some flexibility in how I want to manage them.

  • Finally started the process of porting my domains from Google Domains to WordPress, now that Google is shutting down Google Domains. I have restricted my dependency on Google to Gmail, Photos, Maps, Android and YouTube. I would like to reduce the dependency even further, but these services don’t have a good enough alternative as of now.

  • I have not heard anything about Baldur’s Gate III that I did not like. So I finally bought a game after ages and now I will spend an agonising 15 hours while the game downloads.

  • Futurama is back after a decade and the first episode is so self aware that it has attained moksha.

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    Are you on Threading the line yet?

  • Just watched this Netflix movie Violent Night and it’s about Santa coming to the aid of a rich family. Very American this Santa is. Also it’s a trash movie and best avoided.

  • Indian Ocean – Jaadu Maya

  • Went into the ocean over the weekend and came back after observing whales. I’ll highly recommend this experience! Will write more on it later.

  • Trying to figure out what Salesforce Mobile App Plus actually is.