• Still here, just been lazy to write anything

  • Obsessed with A Murder At The End Of The World. Four episodes in and it is such a gripping show till now with no fluff.

  • There are no temporary fixes in development. Always assume it will make its way to production due to negligence, or because it was not bad enough to be an issue. Some times it can have amusing consequences.


  • What is it with Silicon valley companies imploding every time there is a leadership change? Are the companies not setup with enough strong leaders that things fall apart with one decision? Will Open AI even survive this?

  • What a heartbreak of a world cup final it was! Congratulations to Australian team for a clinical performance. Well played Team India, for a spirited play throughout the cup.

  • Been down with fever for almost a week now. It’s almost gone but this sucks!

  • Oh this summer is going to be hot hot hot in Sydney. It starts technically in a day, but it’s already unbearable already. Kerala in December won’t be any better either, save me!

  • It’s been three years now but the installation process for Microsoft Flight Simulator is by far the worst in any game and the slowest too.

  • I wrote this about AI interactions six years ago https://jetpack.in/when-a-bot-screws-up-1cd50eca3729

    I believe we are very close to this reality.

  • Created a new post type for Status updates. Easier to manage that way and provides some flexibility in how I want to manage them.