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This Is Just Crazy Texas!

The latest court case around first amendment in Texas is changing everything we know about Internet and governance. While countries like India mandate social media sites to moderate content, the latest ruling enforces a law which expects larger social media sites to NOT moderate any content. I have no idea how this will lead to…Continue readingThis Is Just Crazy Texas!


Social norms

Open social networks are a terrible idea. You’re basically telling people that they can say and do whatever they want in the name of freedom of speech. Then you have some vague community guidelines that are subjectively maintained. These guidelines then become more nuanced over time and hence more difficult to understand or implement. A…Continue readingSocial norms


COMIC> If a riot breaks out…

What is the context? The riots in China today, which was followed by Chinese govt’s decision to block the Internet.Continue readingCOMIC> If a riot breaks out…


China is making a fool of themselves

I don’t understand China at times. Call it cultural gap/shock whatever you want, but they are just strange, just like Chailey goes aaagh about things here in India I suppose. First, they decide to beat up/slaughter students in Tiananmen Square about 20 years back and then they try to white wash it by scaring witnesses…Continue readingChina is making a fool of themselves