So what have I been up to?

February was a quiet month, or at least I kept it so. I haven’t dealt with Kerala heat for extended periods of time for more than one and a half decade, so the last month was a bit of a struggle. It exhausts me like nothing else and as a result I did very little…Continue readingSo what have I been up to?


I don’t know why I did it, was I right in doing it?

A few days back days back Macabreday’s band, Rusty Moe was playing in the city and I was supposed to reach by 8. I was already half an hour late and auto guys were refusing to take me to Kyra despite me offering them double the usual rate at 8:30pm. Unbelievable no? That being the…Continue readingI don’t know why I did it, was I right in doing it?


Please get these people on Sach Ka Samna

I watched one or two episodes of Sach Ka Samna and I found it to be as good as the original (Moment of Truth) in terms of production and equally controversial with the questions. They have only invited celebrities till now in the show, but I have a few recommendations. Here goes: Politician (Nothing like…Continue readingPlease get these people on Sach Ka Samna


Movies, suggested watching/Jul 19

Yet another list of movies worth watchingContinue readingMovies, suggested watching/Jul 19


Welcome to

Am using a basic theme right now. Will change it to something cooler later on. Subscribe to the feed and see you around =) Am back to active blogging!Continue readingWelcome to