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The Nvidia 3070 has been finally installed in my PC and I can finally game in 4k HDR. At a good frame rate. With very little compromise. Worst case scenario I drop it to 1440p. I’m so happy 🙂 Some things don’t change though. The first game I launched after setting up the card was…Continue readingBack to PC gaming


Dear Nvidia, WTF?

The headline is the tl;dr you were looking for. Read through for the context.Continue readingDear Nvidia, WTF?

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Training day

He swung to his right and dodged a train and then jumped to the left just as another train came barreling down the track. There was nothing exceptional about whatever he was doing except he was managing to do all this while squeezed from all sides by the sweat, desperation and despair of Delhi. They…Continue readingTraining day