Career choice

When I was in school I wanted to be in advertising; on the creative side to be specific. Somewhere along the line thought I shifted focus to journalism. While I was a journalist I followed up on the idea of starting a blog on gaming industry in India, may be even do it as a full…Continue readingCareer choice

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A Tweetup and My Identity Crisis

I was at the recent tweetup with Shashi Tharoor in Bangalore, and I need to say it was one of the most enjoyable blogger/twitter meets I’ve been to. I wrote about the event in @DNA already, you can read it here and here. So the subject here is not Mr Tharoor who shares his first…Continue readingA Tweetup and My Identity Crisis


Journalism colleges to include shoe-throwing in syllabus

Embarrassed by the inability of journalists to hit a non-moving objects — on multiple occasions now — with a shoe, even from close ranges, International Journalists Assosication have decided to include shoe-throwing as part of the syllabus in all journalism courses. They will instruct all universities to make this change considering the crisis journalists around…Continue readingJournalism colleges to include shoe-throwing in syllabus