More travel

It’s been a year since I met my parents due to the lockdown situation, so we are planning to travel to Kerala this coming week. While I’m excited about this, the rising Covid-19 number in the state gives me pause. Even then I cannot help myself, but travel. Mentally I have reached a point where […]

India Religion

Temples, mosques, churches and money

Cross posted at Mutiny If I were to ask any ordinary malayalee, if Kerala is a secular state or not, the answer will be an outright yes. The state hasn’t witnessed religious tension for a very long time as Hindus, Muslims and Christians co-exist here celebrating each others festivals with much joy (in front of […]


Pin is mightier than sword

The saying used to be Pen is mightier than sword, but for a woman, a pin is mightier than a sword? Wondering why? I will tell you a story.. An incident involving a guy, and a girl in a night bus with of course a pin playing the lead role! The situation is as follows… […]


Karnataka vs Kerala

v/s I have lived the bulk of my life in Kerala, but I have spent the last three years of my life in Karnataka. Both states have a lot in common. Blessed by nature with greenery, plenty of water and frequent fights with TN over water! 😛 But the biggest similarity is with the politicians.. […]