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Some thoughts on news

It’s tough to compete against something that is free. That is the challenge the news business has been dealing with since the rise of the internet. What would earlier require people to pay a monthly sum was now available online, provided an Internet connection existed. To truly understand what we are dealing with now, we…Continue readingSome thoughts on news


Noise channels

RIP news. Deal with the screeching now.Continue readingNoise channels


Epic: a new browser with India in its heart

As published in DNA Bangalore From Internet Explorer to the latest Google Chrome, browsers have come a long way in the past two decades. While US-based companies like Microsoft and Mozilla have been dominating the browser market so far, Hidden Reflex, a Bangalore-based company, may just put India on the global map with its first…Continue readingEpic: a new browser with India in its heart

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Look towards our west.. what do you see?

I see a #fail sign to the west of our border. Why? Let’s look at a few headlines shall we? Taliban Close In On Islamabad Taliban captures new areas in NWFP Punjab militants link with Taliban as Pakistan backs Sharia law Taliban begin enforcing Islamic law in Bajaur Mehsud has links with ISI: report ‘Cornered’…Continue readingLook towards our west.. what do you see?

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CNN is spamming my inbox

The first thing I do when I go online is check my mail. Why? Because I love reading those spam mails.. It’s interesting you know, someone wants me to sell Britney Spears porn DVD and some want me to sell pills (guess what kind!) However for the past one week there is one more source…Continue readingCNN is spamming my inbox