How to be shady af

It’s easy! Hide facts. Why do you even need it? Release partial information. Do not respond to questions. Do not share actual data points even when it is in public interest. Question the motive of those asking questions. Play the nationalism card. Use some form of ‘respect the elders’ which also translates to ‘respect the…Continue readingHow to be shady af

chupchap Religion

Let’s Put Things in Perspective… #Ayodhya

A mother returned from baazar to find all of her three children fighting over a bar of chocolate. Each of them claimed that it was theirs and mother’s suggestion of getting them more chocolates so that everyone got one, was simple ignored. All of them wanted that very piece of chocolate. One claimed that their…Continue readingLet’s Put Things in Perspective… #Ayodhya


Conditions Apply

Democracy in India: Indians follow representative democracy where elected individuals, who represent the people* rule the country. The representatives form an independent ruling body (for an election period) charged with the responsibility of acting in the people’s* interest Right to equality in India: The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of…Continue readingConditions Apply


Journalism colleges to include shoe-throwing in syllabus

Embarrassed by the inability of journalists to hit a non-moving objects — on multiple occasions now — with a shoe, even from close ranges, International Journalists Assosication have decided to include shoe-throwing as part of the syllabus in all journalism courses. They will instruct all universities to make this change considering the crisis journalists around…Continue readingJournalism colleges to include shoe-throwing in syllabus


10 point someone: Politicians Wanted

A hypothetical ad which may appear in a classified column in the near future if India continues to be India A major political party in India is seeking a politicians. Qualifications: 1. Should be Gandhi (not a Gandhian). 2. If not, should be from a minority community. People from both religious and caste minorities welcome.…Continue reading10 point someone: Politicians Wanted