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Some thoughts on news

It’s tough to compete against something that is free. That is the challenge the news business has been dealing with since the rise of the internet. What would earlier require people to pay a monthly sum was now available online, provided an Internet connection existed. To truly understand what we are dealing with now, we…Continue readingSome thoughts on news


Social norms

Open social networks are a terrible idea. You’re basically telling people that they can say and do whatever they want in the name of freedom of speech. Then you have some vague community guidelines that are subjectively maintained. These guidelines then become more nuanced over time and hence more difficult to understand or implement. A…Continue readingSocial norms


Before you add me to a circle…

I had earlier blogged about my teeny-weeny problem with Google+ — random people following me and leaving me clueless as to why they are following me. Looks like there might be a solution to this problem after all. Much like in LinkdIn, users could post an update shared with only the person they’re circling, explaining…Continue readingBefore you add me to a circle…