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Some thoughts on spam

Everything free will be abused.Continue readingSome thoughts on spam


Now get spammed on the move – SPDC 2009

I am cool with spamming, in the sense, I find it very entertaining; amusing rather. Just the thought of someone trying to sell ‘v1agra’ to a guy in 20s who still hasn’t bothered to get a credit card is hilarious to say the least. The most interesting of the lot, are those guys who want…Continue readingNow get spammed on the move – SPDC 2009


“We didn’t spam,” CNN

As soon as I finished my last post, I shot a mail to CNN feedback email id expressing my frustration. This was my mail I never visit CNN website I don’t have an id there. Nor do I subscribe to any news from thesite. Why am I still receiving “news updates”?From where did you get…Continue reading“We didn’t spam,” CNN

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CNN is spamming my inbox

The first thing I do when I go online is check my mail. Why? Because I love reading those spam mails.. It’s interesting you know, someone wants me to sell Britney Spears porn DVD and some want me to sell pills (guess what kind!) However for the past one week there is one more source…Continue readingCNN is spamming my inbox