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  • Sydney Sighting

    Sydney Sighting

    There are a few common thoughts that we inevitably have when we visit a new suburb.

  • Crazy Month

    Crazy Month

    Swine flu, confusion with movers and packers. It was eventful in the most unpleasant way.

  • An item off my bucket list

    An item off my bucket list

    I saw snow. That’s the tl;dr of this short post. You have to grow up in a tropical, ever green part of India that experiences six months of rains and six months of heat to truly appreciate the reason “seeing snow” is in my bucket list. In my head, I was planning a trip to…

  • Back to PC gaming

    The Nvidia 3070 has been finally installed in my PC and I can finally game in 4k HDR. At a good frame rate. With very little compromise. Worst case scenario I drop it to 1440p. I’m so happy 🙂 Some things don’t change though. The first game I launched after setting up the card was…

  • More travel

    It’s been a year since I met my parents due to the lockdown situation, so we are planning to travel to Kerala this coming week. While I’m excited about this, the rising Covid-19 number in the state gives me pause. Even then I cannot help myself, but travel. Mentally I have reached a point where…