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  • A theme update finally

    A theme update finally

    Finally made some time to update to a theme that supported blocks and theming fully.

  • Theme update; Thanks Noupe

    Few of you, who regularly drop by, must have spotted a few changes in the theme of this blog. Let me get to this point straight, I won this theme in a contest organised by Noupe.com one of the best blogs around for CSS/HTML hacks and tips. I have been trying to learn a little…

  • Shifting to tumblr

    WordPress scares me, I mean it’s intimidating. Evey time I decide to make a new post I force myself to write looong posts (not that I succeed).Sometimes I even force myself to post for the sake of posting, which is definitely not a good thing to do! So I am moving to tumblr, in the…

  • Open letter to wordpress

    I love wordpress, but why did you have to introduce the changes (and a drastic one at that) out of the blue! Why didn’t you leave us with the option of reverting to the old scheme till the new one is ‘perfect’? This is not an agony post, it is just a thought expressed by…