My blog has given birth!!!

Okay my little blog (the one you are reading of course) has given birth to a blog — Little-chap!

Now if you are going to ask me if the kid is a boy or a girl here is a fact.. blogs are asexual! They are created by gods (people like you and me) and adopted by other blogs! 😛

The first words the kid spoke was ‘Should’ and not mama! (strange!)

If you want to meet the littel fella just go here !

Okay now getting to the point.. I have started a new blog — Littel-chap using Prologue theme of WordPress. You can read my thoughts on littele chap on the rss feed displayed on the left. You guys heard of Prologue right? — Twiter like theme for WordPress? If not read this and this.

If this experiment works out I might quit Twitter!

9 responses to “My blog has given birth!!!”
  1. Ruhi Avatar

    I commented at Little Chap- Not sure if it’s showing up. Btw, I really like the name little chap…LOL. And this post is quite funny.

  2. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Ruhi
    Ya I forgot to disable moderation feature! Thanks for the comment! 😀

  3. dinsan Avatar

    I liked that name.. Chupchap and littlechap LOL

  4. silverine Avatar

    tch tch chup chap is a misnomer here…not only are you not chup chap but you are raising a racket elsewhere too 😀

    Best of luck with the little chappie 🙂

  5. | Balu | Avatar

    @ Silverine
    // chup chap is a misnomer here //
    Its more of an irony/pun! 😀

    Thanks for the luck!

  6. mindcurry Avatar

    first time here..was fun to read all your recent posts..and yeah..little chap is smart 🙂

  7. | Balu | Avatar

    Thanks for dropping by! And yup ur comment got the little one’s all happy!

  8. Brootaannoums Avatar

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  9. buy_vigrxplus Avatar

    Great post! I’ll subscribe right now wth my feedreader software!

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