So how old are you saar?

Yeddyurappa’s (Karnataka Chief Minister) website states he was born on February 27 1943, (so does his wiki page) which means he is more than 60 years old. But if you were to visit his video blog from the same site you will learn that he is 31 years old! Wow finally a true youth leader ruling our state!

Now in case the Vlog is not maintained by Yeddi, instead by some admin, then why bring it under Vijayeekarntaka — the “personal site of Yeddyurappa?”

So what is his real age. Any guess?

UPDATE: Yeddyurappa’s site has been taken down (it says under construction.. may be they meant under correction 😀 )

20 responses to “So how old are you saar?”

  1. Nikhil Avatar

    I’d say somewhere around the ageless mark… 😀

  2. allirekha Avatar

    this is truley confusing :mrgreen:

  3. Joel Avatar

    Are you able to access the site? It gives an error to me.. :-/

    And must be Yeddi wants to become young again.. 😛 wants rule Karnataka as young and energetic… 😛

  4. | Balu | Avatar

    ah may be he got a blessing from some god for eternal life =D
    Is it =0

  5. | Balu | Avatar

    They took the site online a day back I guess.. this thing was in my draft for a week! =0

  6. Manish Avatar

    Half the age! Oh God…..
    Means he will live longer in reality if this hypothetical age is taken as a real fact? 😀

  7. kavyashankaregowda Avatar

    This can be a bigger issue.. I smell some fertilizer … On that note mebbe the fertilizer thing can be solved! LOL

  8. Xylene Avatar

    May be he wants to feel young. give him a break.
    I wonder what his actual age is. Our last generation people have 2 ages one on paper (Std 10th) and the second one which is actual. and the funny part is many have their official date in june.

  9. Amit Avatar

    Some people are timeless. 😉

  10. manuscrypts Avatar

    the 31 year old might be the one BM forged a while back 😉
    hmm, a pepsi ad featuring yeddi and deve gowda ‘ yeh hai youngistan meri jaan’ 😀

  11. dinu Avatar

    LOL its definitely under correction 😉 showing directory listing denied now

  12. | Balu | Avatar

    Live longer? No idea.. if he does good thing for teh state.. then may him live longer!
    Fertilizer? I dint’t get u =/
    Oh ya I remember the date of births funda. I didn’t change instead joined year early! 😀 (was the second youngest in my class)
    I remembered that just today morning,, damn no site yet to link to 🙁
    he he hope it comes back soon!

  13. nikhilnarayanan Avatar

    Update: Now the link says:
    Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

    The CM’s door are NOT always open for the aam junta 😉


  14. ram Avatar

    haha..he probably wanted to hide his age to seem young and energetic and woo the youth for votes! 😛

  15. | Balu | Avatar

    Poor junta I mean janata
    Hey he already one! Hmm may be that’s why the site is down now.. enough of wooing 😀

  16. dinu Avatar

    Hope you are ok there in bangalore …………

  17. Nikhil Avatar

    Saar, Saar… yaake saaar very inactive? 😀

  18. Macadamia The Nut Avatar

    Physically 92 and mentally 2 perhaps?


  19. | Balu | Avatar

    Hey stop pushing me around.. am the most person in India can’t you see 😉 😀
    Perhaps.. 😀

  20. Nova Avatar

    Lol!!!!!! This is funnny!!! 😀

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