He moon-walked his way to death

Sorry for such a cheesy headline. After all, I am an Indian journalist, we end up churning out a dozen such headlines on a daily basis. So when such cheesy headlines turn up on my blog, I request you to classify it as an occupational hazard. Now, don’t put my poor/pathetic/lousy humour-sense under that category, that is just a manufacturing defect.

My parents tried their best to repair it by forcing me to watch mimics parade (video is in malayalam. Non-mallus please continue reading to avoid frustration) and by making me read Khushwant Singh’s Joke Book (which I enjoyed  a lot). But to my parents shock and dismay, none of them seemed to have any affect on my sense of humour, or non-sense of humour rather.

All right, I will get back to the original topic, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson, who passed away on June 25, Saturday. I was never a huuuge fan of the King of Pop, for I could never figure out the ‘words in his songs’. Come on, I was just a kid then and I could only speak Malayalam and Manglish. For the uninitiated, manglish is an amalgamation of Malayalam and English. The language is quite simple. Add an ing at the end of every malayalam verb and ta-da you can be a manglish professor like me!

So anyway, I could never understand his songs or rather the lyrics, so all that I liked about him was the way he moved on the stage. I guess, move is the wrong word, for he used to float. He could control every bone which combined together to form his back bone. Wow that guy was brilliant! But then there is this thing about my generation. We have very low attention span you see, so all they had to do was start showing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV and I had forgotten all about Mr Jackson.

His name no longer meant much to me. Of course, I did ooh and aah whenever someone talked about his dancing skills. But hey, the man did grab my attention again, but this time it wasn’t due to any public performance of his, it was due to err… a rather private one. He was accused of being a pedophile!

You know what’s ironical? In 1990 he featured in a SEGA game, in which he was rescuing children who were being held hostage. I think they were just trying to keep the kids away from him. Here is the gameplay video:

The rest of his life was spent between court cases and trying to revive his career. But just when it looked like he was reinventing himself, he suffered a heart attack and passed away in a hospital. May his soul RIP and not moonwalk around the graveyard.

(Don’t blame me for such a lame last line, I already justified myself in the first three paras!)

4 responses to “He moon-walked his way to death”

  1. Mojo Jojo Avatar

    Ha ha! If heaven is actually populated by little children, ol’ MJ’s going to have a gala time up there 😀

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      Guess he was god’s naught creation! :rotfl:

  2. Guru Panguji Avatar

    Nice =)! Iing loving Manglishing as welling.

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      LOL you are close. =D

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