Theme update; Thanks Noupe


Few of you, who regularly drop by, must have spotted a few changes in the theme of this blog. Let me get to this point straight, I won this theme in a contest organised by one of the best blogs around for CSS/HTML hacks and tips. I have been trying to learn a little more about the code that runs by blog and Noupe has been a big help till now. The contest was organised a while back along with theme creators like Woo themes. For the contest all I had to do was, say which theme I liked the most, why and what I would if I had that theme. Well turns out, folks at Noupe really liked my comment as a month later (when the contest finished) I was notified that I had won the theme. Getting used the theme has not been easy. It took a while for me to figure out the ‘Home” page rest have been pretty easy thanks top their support forum. Meanwhile I have changed the theme of my gaming blog too, the site uses a free theme from Woo themes. Lot of modification yet to be done to this site and the gaming one, so keep checking this space.

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