Please get these people on Sach Ka Samna

I watched one or two episodes of Sach Ka Samna and I found it to be as good as the original (Moment of Truth) in terms of production and equally controversial with the questions. They have only invited celebrities till now in the show, but I have a few recommendations. Here goes:


(Nothing like a populist and corrupt politician to bring up the TRPs)

Q: Sirjee do you have black money or not

A: Bilkul nahi (Absolutely not)

Machine: Ye jawab galat hai (wrong answer)

Bangalore Auto Driver

(Been a while since I cribbed about auto guys. But there was this recent incident which I have to blog about. Will post it tomorrow)

Q: Do you take double of metre charge even in broad day light

A: Eh ya (Some of them are shameless you see)

Machine: Ye jawab sahi hai (answer’s right)

Host: Congratulations for winning 1,00,000 but shame on you for charging double rate.


(Founder of Twitter)

Q: Do you think you will ever make money from Twitter

A: Can I tweet about this?

Host: No!

A: Okay then yes

Machine: Ye jawab galat hai (wrong answer)

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I haven't seen it yet but it seems interesting. So are they asking very personal questions too? I'll try to find some snippets on youtube and see how its like.

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