A Tablet For $35? Give Me A Break!

I’ve been really excited about Notion Ink’s Adam since the day it was announced and now there are rumours of the company being taken over by Reliance, but that’s not what really made the news yeterday. What’s been making news is Kapil Sibal’s announcement of a $35 tablet. A tablet with a 7-inch touch screen, built-in speakers, wi-fi antenna, 2GB RAM and decent memory for Rs1,750? If that was possible we would have had smartphones selling at that price.

Let’s be honest here, when it comes to production of hardware India is not cheaper than China (as of now) and the only way they can bring down the cost to that level would be by bringing down the quality of materials used. It’s also possible that the stated $35 price-tag is a discounted one. Since the device does not have an option for a sim card (at least no one’s mentioned it yet!) I don’t know what the folks handling PR for the product was smoking the night before!

Good luck with that, great idea, but not practical sorry!

2 responses to “A Tablet For $35? Give Me A Break!”

  1. chrome tips Avatar

    I am a doubting Thomas in this case 😉

    1. | Balu | Avatar

      Ah good, no it’s not just me =)

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