Wanted: More movies like Tere Bin Laden

I watched Tere Bin Laden (TBL) on Saturday night with the usual gang and all of us loved the movie. I don’t want to write a movie review, because I can sum it up the whole movie in one word – AWESOME!

So there, now that I’m done with the ‘review’ let me get down to the actual point – the lack of sensible movies which have a global appeal from Bollywood. Apart from Love, Sex and Dhoka, I can’t think of any other recent movie which appeals to audience across the globe. TBL does just that, I’m sure it’ll appeal to US audience as well, though a large chunk of the humour might be lost in translation (especially the innovative galis).

Special credit to the director for getting the ‘right firangis to play the role of American military officials, they could really act!

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, do watch it.

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