The last thing I expected when I came to Bahrain were rains… I mean who would expect rains in a desert? It started raining last night, and when I opened the window today morning, I was greeted by a cold breeze and splashes of water — that really woke me up.
The cars were slower on the highway, almost all of them were driving at a sane speed of 80 instead of flying past us at 120 or 140.
If rains continue like this, we might have a wet race when F1 season starts in Bahrain two months later. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

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this is nothing.. there used to be days (back in the 90’s) when school was closed because it was flooded.. and I think there was hail in 2002! And this is no rain.. just a constant annoying drizzle.. atleast my car is clean 🙂

Is that so? In that case thank god it’s not flooding yet. The roads are not built for rains (o sloping) and most roads don’t have drains either. So water is bound to stagnate and flood eventually.

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