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An idea takes off

What’s with vehicles these days? After consumer technology, I think the automotive sector will see some radical design changes. I mean the cars have got prettier and more efficient over the past decades but they have not been really revolutionary either.

The latest idea that’ll blow your socks off is a hover-bike, which as of now lets you float a few feet above the ground and won’t let you move in any direction.

Anyway the model is still in ‘alpha’ stage and is capable of travelling about 150kms in one refill (30 Litre tank). Now that’s not so bad since if this thing can actually fly then you can travel in straight lines and ignore all those one-ways and traffic jams. I hope he succeeds!

It’s priced tentatively at $40K and looks like I’ll need to reinvent the wheel to come up that money to buy this wheel-less means of transport.

PS: I hope Google ditches self-driving cars and puts their buck into one of these personal light-weight fly-mobiles because it’s the future baby!

PPS: Thanks to Manuscrypts for sharing details about this ride on google reader.

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