Autos are not so bad in Hyderabad

Bangalore auto drivers are namoonas, no doubt there. They would get on your nerves and harass you to the extent that you’ll decide to get a vehicle for yourself. I think they used to get commission from banks for getting people to take vehicle loans.

Bangalore autodrivers however won’t be the point of discussion here, since I’m in Hyderabad now I have got a new species to study. Hyderabadi auto drivers for some weird reason have the calm understanding nature Bangaloreans are renown for. You can bargain with them with neither parties mother’s name being dragged into the conversation. That’s a big relief. The biggest win however is the shared auto system.

Shared autos charge as much as busses do for the same distance that’s it. The only problem is that they carry eight passengers at a time, which means you’ll be hanging off the front seat, with half your bum sticking out of the auto. Fortunately that’s the only major inconvenience I have had in the city till now and I hope it stays that way.


PS: No I haven’t had the famous Hyderabadi biriyani yet, thank you.


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