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YouTube ads: Can anyone do it right?

YouTube ads; the thing we all hate more than the term “bae“. It’s a necessary evil that we put up with, as the creators of those videos need to be paid somehow. This will change once YouTube launches their paid plans in India, but that’s not happening any time soon.

The problem with YouTube ads is the sheer thoughtlessness on the part of the advertiser and the agency that creates the content. In almost all scenarios, I see the same TV ad being used as an unskippable ad ahead of YouTube videos. That sucks. Ad guys will tell you that it will improve recall value. Yes it does, I recall those annoying ads and decided never to buy your product ever again!

If you’re making a video ad for YouTube here’s a short set of questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Would this video be interesting when I HEAR it for the fifth time?
  2. Would I want to sit through this ad before watching the new trailer of a movie I have been waiting for?
  3. Would I want to sit through this video if it plays in between an amazing music playlist I was listening to?

If you’re an ad guy, please do pass this on to all the relevant decision makers. “Do the needful”, because bad YouTube ads even makes people want to punch screens.

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