My experience using Philips Saphi TV

I recently replaced my plain-jane LED TV fromVU with a bigger TV. I was initially trying my level best to get another simple LED TV, but only they are no longer available in bigger sizes unless you want to spend $$$$$.

Android-based TVs were my initial go-to but I read of enough stability issues that I thought I’ll go with something different. Also, I was not sure of the Chinese brands and Indian companies that had licensed a brand name to sell Chinese-made TVs. So I opted for a Philips TV as some of their options were available on really good prices. These TVs had the kind of display (4k) and sound quality I needed, but with a gimped Saphi operating system. It also helped that it had HDR support.

The TV itself is great and I am very happy with it. The Saphi operating system however is not for everyone. It has very limited apps and the only ones worth mentioning that are relevant in India are Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. This might make it a no-deal for most people and that might explain the great price I got on it as well.

Personally though, this setup works for me. I have my gaming PC hooked to the TV so even if the TV does not have the app, I can still use the PC to stream anything I want. There is also the option of using Miracast to screen my phone display to the TV.

So if you’re planning to buy a TV with Saphi operating system be aware of these limitations and the work arounds. If this does not suit your use case, avoid it. You can opt for an Android TV like everyone else.

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