Nerding out

Have you noticed how people are nerding out about things more and more? Increasingly time and money is being spent on understanding things from the ground up and in attention to detail.

I’ve observed this with things as mundane as making coffee or buying stationery. People (including me) end up splurging on it to understand the different techniques and try new equipments to identify what makes sense for them. Then they go through multiple iterations as taste evolves.

I went through such a cycle with coffee two years back, but thanks to Ag I was able to stop myself and not shop like a maniac.

I think the ready access to a lot of otherwise obscure knowledge on YouTube and on-demand availability of equipment and ingredients online has really helped this craze.

The only problem I see is that I see a lot of people get on the hype train after seeing people nerd out about something on social media. That’s an expensive trend to hop on.

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