After I get a vaccine shot

sunset in versova beach

Can’t wait to get my Covid-19 vaccine shot whenever that happens. I’ve already made a list of things I want to do.

  1. Travel in an auto and enjoy the air rushing through my hair for a few minutes and then spend the rest of the time complaining about dust.
  2. Eat a golgappa and then complain about it not being as good as that one you had a few years back.
  3. Have friends over, eat, drink and wonder pointlessly why we don’t do more of this.
  4. Walk to Versova beach, enjoy the view of sun sliding off into the horizon and then complain about the pollution.
  5. Spend a whole day to make a thousand travel plans and then opt for the first one.
  6. Be happy that I’ll get to meet folks in office again and then remember the horrible traffic I’ve to sit through.
  7. Take my formal clothes out of long-term storage, iron it and then realise that they’re all too loose for me now.
  8. Go out for dinner and struggle to get a seat.
  9. Make plans again that I can actually work towards.

What’s on your list?

2 responses to “After I get a vaccine shot”

  1. Sathya Avatar

    I’d be happy to go around the city, the parks and grab a nice brunch 🙂

    1. balu Avatar

      Oh my! How could I forget brunches, buffets and picnics 😄

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