Things I realised this week

Beginner’s luck doesn’t exist in stock market. Yes, I did not get any stocks allocated in Zomato IPO. Better luck next time I guess. Speaking of which, there are quite a few coming up.

Privacy policy is no longer just a legal document. People give a damn and companies should be more specific about the words.

The White Lotus is a brilliant show and the best part is that it is still in its first season.

Did you know about It’s the most fascinating gmail typo website.

Salesforce completed acquisition of Slack and in true Salesforce fashion, it’ll continue to operate as a separate company. What I’m truly curious to see is how the systems are integrated going forward. Also Salesforce Anywhere is now more a Quip thing than a messaging things, so some of the questions I had while the announcement was made is now moot.

CDN issues continue to bring the Internet to a grind and the problem is DNS as always. What’s worse is that there is no way out of this.

And on my work side I have realised that no one ever gives something till you demand it. Any place that offers it proactively truly treasures you.

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